Piktochart v2 2013-06-27 13-34-57Smart marketers are starting to wake up to the buzz and branding power of the growing Pinterest community. Pinterest is a visual platform that can be used to engage your potential customers with your services or products in seconds and lead them directly to your website for more information, or even a purchase.

“There’s something very compelling about the visual aspect of the presentation that has turned Pinterest surfing into somewhat of an addiction for brides, designers, foodies, students, fashionistas and those in search of the latest trends.” – Linda Samuel “Buzzfeed”

So, how can you serve up your products and services in a way that will leave your followers wanting more? Read the tips below to find out:

1. Engaging Photography

Pinterest is a visual platform so making sure that the photography on your site is engaging and “worthy” is key. Also, it’s important to note the use and amount of photos used on your site. If you have little to no photos on your site, users will not have anything to “pin”.

2. Female Demographic

The site is biggest among the 25-34 age range, followed by 35-to-44-year-olds. The site’s popularity among people in their late 20s and early 30s is evident by the amount of images related to wedding planning and home decor. So if your business and website features products or services that are focused toward this demographic, odds are you are probably a good fit for Pinterest.

3. Time to Spend

Just like any other social media platform, Pinterest takes some time to build. Make sure you’re going to spend time each day or so to pin photos from the site, follow other brands that are relevant to the industry, and pin other users’ photos that benefit or accentuate your product/photos. Repinning is key. If you never post business updates on Facebook or Twitter, odds are you might not be willing to put in the time to use Pinterest.

4. Avoid Major Self Promotion

While the end goal of creating a Pinterest account for your business is to increase traffic to the site, which in turn will increase sales, your profile shouldn’t be only pins of your products. It’s smart to follow other brands, repin other business’ images, comment on pins, pin things about tips, trends, etc rather than solely promote your business and services.

5. Evaluate your Photos

Pinterest is so addicting because it is to visually stimulating. Take a look at some of the most repinned images and use them as a guide to planning your business’ photography strategy.

6. Follow the Leaders

Take the time to learn from the best. Follow large companies and brands to get a feel for how they use Pinterest to market their products, services and brand, watch and learn!

7. Make sure your business is fit

This tip may seem obvious but to others, not so much. Make sure that you are able to target your audience in a creative way. Since most of the pins on Pinterest are aimed towards fashion, DIY, crafts and decor, find a way to capture your audience within those categories.

Want to learn more?

Download our infographic by clicking below to get more information about Pinterest and see if your business is a good fit for the new social media bandwagon!

Stay tuned in this series to learn more about Pinterest Marketing. Next in this series we will talk about the brands that are making a hit on Pinterest and how you can follow their example!

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