Blogging is a fast and fun way to increase your business or personal presence on the Internet. Blogging plays a big role in how our society now consumes information and news. With such a great way to get information out there it is important that your blogging platform has a clean and organized layout.

When you format your blog post effectively it will enable your readers to find the message in your content without having to ‘dig’ around. Read the article below to learn how using the right font, insightful polls, and eye-catching images can drastically increase your usability.

We will teach you a powerful blogging strategy that will help you understand the importance of properly formatting your blog for your readers.

Use an intelligent font choice.

  • Be particular about the font type and size you use. Since content is the most valuable aspect of any blog, you simply must know and use the best size font for your pages. If your text is too small, readers will strain their eyes and most likely not come back. Conversely, if your text is too large, it’ll distract readers and make it difficult to read the entire blog at once. Strive for a balance between large and small font sizes so that readers can comfortably read your blog.

Add a survey/poll for user interaction.

  • You might want to consider using surveys or polls on your blog. This will draw visitors to your blog, as well as enable your visitors to make their voices heard. Post results accompanied by comments on what you think about the outcome. In addition, you can use survey information to help you reshape your blog so that it is more in line with readers’ interests.

Capture your readers attention with images.

  • Images make a big difference. Whether it be an image that represents the subject of your blog post, or a call-to-action button – readers want to SEE and hear exactly what you are talking about.

Your blog’s theme must be SEO friendly.

  • Using an SEO friendly theme will improve search engine rankings for your blog, and will help the site run without excessive glitches. This is the era of instant gratification, and readers will go elsewhere if they have to wait for 1000 graphics and plug-ins to load. They’ll be moving on quickly if you make it painful for them to stay on your site.

This information should have you ready to go and get started with your own blog so you can express yourself to the entire world. Remember, blogging involves unlimited possibilities. Always try to find new and relevant information so that you can keep your content fresh and captivating. This will make your blog successful now and in the future.

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